Core Values

Why CoreBionics

The first thing people ask us is what makes your product better than others?  Well, that’s a great question…and you’re not alone. The difference is QUALITY. We strive to develop products that are made with the highest quality ingredients and truly have a positive effect on the mind and body.

Our Process

Our Process

Want to learn more about the process we use to create our high quality products?  From sourcing our all natural ingredients to the bottling our finished product conforming to cGMP standards, we’ll walk you through some of the steps we take to deliver products that truly are superior.

Lab Test

3rd Party Lab Reports

How do you make sure the product you are buying contains the actual ingredients on the label?  You make sure they have them tested by independent 3rd party labs to validate the quality and quantity of the ingredients contained within. CoreBionics provides these reports for each product we sell.

Ang Hiking

Our Story

We are normal people like you, trying to enjoy life to the fullest.  We’ve faced numerous medical setbacks over the years and as we age, the mind and body just doesn’t perform as good as it used to.  We’ve tried numerous products over the years and finally decided to take things into our own hands and develop products that maximize the healing agents mother nature has provided us.