What can CBD do for my Cat or Dog?

Dog and Cat

Pets have become part of man’s life for a long time now, to the extent that they are seen as part of the family. And just as you don’t like seeing any member of your family suffer, pet owners also can’t stand seeing their canine family members suffering. It is for this reason that people are wondering what can CBD do for my cat or dog and is it safe?

The truth is just like CBD oil is beneficial to humans; it is also helpful to cats and dogs.

Let’s explore more and find out what CBD can do for your cat and dog.

How Does CBD Oil Benefit Your Cat and Dog?

As stated above, CBD acts in cats and dogs the same way it works on humans. They are mammals and they have an endocannabinoid system (ECS), a branch of the nervous system.

And since the CBD oil works on the ECS, you will observe the same benefits in mammals and humans. Some of the benefits are relief from pain, skin issues, sleep patterns, anxiety, and cancer symptoms.

Also, it is crucial to know that CBD is safe for your cat and dog, and using it on them will improve their health well-being.

Note that the absorption rate of certain CBD products can be slower in cats than dogs. Their digestive system is different.

For this reason, there are specially formulated CBD oils for cats. On the other hand, there are unique formulations for the dogs to ensure that they get the required dosage of CBD that is beneficial to their needs.

CBD Oil and its Dosage 

CBD oils are the best remedy for use in pets. The phytocannabinoid works broadly on the ECS, and it is safe.

Therefore if your pet has several health issues, you should consider using CBD oil.

The dosage in pets varies depending on the health issue you are treating. It is advisable to contact the vet for clear direction and dosage of CBD, especially if it’s the first time.

In cats, Add 0.25ml (4.2mg CBD) to their food or administer directly into their mouth two times a day or ad advised by the vet.

In Dogs, CBD Dosage varies depending on the ailment and the size of the dog.

So, For Your Dog gives as follows:

  • Less than 25 kgs: 10 drops
  • 26-50 kg: 20 drops
  • Above 50 kgs: 30 drops

Side Effects of CBD oil in Your Cat and Dog

Just like any other medication, CBD oil can have side effects on your cat and dog. But this should not worry you much because they are not fatal and they fade with time.  Some of the common side effects are:

  • Fatigue and exhaustion
  • Drowsiness
  • General body weakness
  • Reduced paw eye coordination
  • High thirst levels
  • Low blood rate


CBD oils are nothing but very beneficial to your cat and dog. Be it for health reasons or just relaxation, a dose of CBD oil goes a long way in ensuring that your pet is healthy and strong.

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