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In a rapidly changing society, you can easily get left behind if it gets too overwhelming. It would take a certain sense of calm to stay grounded and in touch with reality, and a little aid to ease you through relaxation will go a long way.

Infuse relaxation, a sense of calm and cool composure into your evening tea with our CoreActive CBD Oil. There are multiple ways to reach relaxation, but this easy-to-take, liquid product can be an easy addition to your lifestyle. Designed as a potent but mild formulation for the cannabis starter, it gives a perfect balance of a mellow high and a restful experience.

In recent years, CBD has taken the health industry by storm, and not for nothing. It goes to show that there’s a whole Pandora’s box of potential for CBD when taken with the right attitude and prescription. Here are a few of the other important details you can check to find out if our CoreActive CBD Oil is the right formula for you:

Quick Facts:

    • Serving size = 1/3 dropper
    • (Feel free to adjust according to your needs)
    • 8.3 mg CBD per serving
    • Full-spectrum CBD, up to 0.3% THC
    • Mellow, restful experience
    • Ease chronic body pains and tension
    • 3rd Party Lab Tested for Purity & Potency

CoreBionics offers the CoreActive product line with a full-spectrum CBD and up to 0.3% THC. With over 100+ fast-acting cannabinoids, we leave you a promise of immediate relaxation soon after intake.

Complete your evening routine with healthy relaxation so you can get the energy you need for the next day.  Order now!

Customer Reviews

    5 Star Review  I'm a fan of these hemp gummy bears and feel like they are helping with my anxiety.

    CoreRevive Hemp Gummies Image
    CoreRevive Hemp Gummies

    5 Star Review  My daughter loves the drops

    CoreActive CBD Oil Image
    CoreActive CBD Oil
    thumbClifford Setterlund

    5 Star Review  I've been using the CBD Sleep for a month and half now and the new 2,000mg version is absolutely amazing.... read more I'm falling asleep in about 30 minutes and get an amazing night's sleep with no foggy feeling in the morning. Great combo of CBD and Melatonin.

    CBD Sleep Oil with Melatonin Image
    CBD Sleep Oil with Melatonin

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$49.99 $32.49

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