Can CBD help me Sleep Better?

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Undoubtedly, the popularity of CBD has been on an upward projection in the last half-decade. In 2018, the CBD industry was worth a whopping 4.6 billion dollars and is projected to soar much higher in coming years. One reason for this surge has to do with the ability to improve your quality and quantity of sleep with CBD.

Marketing initiatives and social media influencers have pushed CBD to the top of the latest consumer trends. We also have to give credit to the growing government approvals and the reduced stigma, which has historically been associated with marijuana.

Well, the increased awareness about the medical benefits of CBD, such as helping with chronic pain, stress, depression, and PTSD, among others, has had a considerable influence on buyers. It almost seems like CBD is the modern-day elixir, given the enormous publicity it’s associated with. Unlike its sibling THC, cannabidiol does not produce any high. It is non-psychoactive.

Among the claimed benefits of CBD have been improved quality and quantity of sleep. But you may ask yourself, why is a good night’s sleep important?

A regular good night’s sleep is a necessity of life but has not been getting the exposure it deserves. Insufficient sleep can mess up more than your morning mood. It can have adverse health effects, such as deteriorating blood sugar, among others. Furthermore, reduced sleep can affect your memory and take in of new information.

But will CBD help treat insomnia? Here is what we currently know.

Evidence for CBD Benefits

Cannabidiol has been touted for various ailments, but the strongest evidence so far is as an effective remedy for the most brutal childhood epilepsy syndromes. Typically, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS) and Dravet syndrome are quite stubborn for traditional medication, but thankfully, CBD has been shown to be quite effective.

Quality and Quantity of Sleep

A  2014 research found that CBD has a beneficial effect on sleep cycles. The conclusion was that CBD was helpful with symptoms of REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD).

People suffering from RBD often act out in their dreams and experience nightmares, and poor quality sleep. Another 2017 review concluded that CBD might help treat RBD. Based on this evidence, CBD helps deal with daytime sleepiness.

It is inarguable that wakefulness is an important factor for productivity at your place of work or elsewhere. According to a 2014 review, CBD may be quite effective in getting rid of grogginess. According to the authors, it was not immediately clear how CBD promoted wakefulness, but still good news for consumers.

Pain and Inflammation

Among the various causes of insomnia include pain and inflammation. Thankfully, CBD has been shown to be quite effective in helping reduce pain and inflammation, and that can enhance the quality and quantity of sleep.

The authors of a 2018 review concluded that there is enough evidence to show that CBD helps with pain. According to the authors, CBD helps improve sleep by reducing chronic pain. One study demonstrated the mechanism of cannabidiol by which it stops neuropathic and inflammatory pain – two of the most difficult types of pain to treat.

Anxiety and Depression

Most patients that suffer anxiety and depression have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. The quality and the quantity of their sleep is not good at all. However, several studies suggest that CBD is quite effective in helping reduce anxiety and depression. That means you can finally enjoy better sleep after consuming CBD.

Using CBD for Insomnia

Among the different forms that CBD comes in include oil and tinctures, capsules, CBD gummies, and vape concentrates. Even though CBD in vaping gets to the bloodstream faster than other methods, it may pose some respiratory risks.

On the other hand, CBD capsules are quite convenient and easy to transport. They are most appropriate for people that desire a bit of privacy. You can take a pill or a capsule with water without raising any eyebrows among your colleagues.

CBD edibles are the most delicious and easy to take. Nonetheless, the CBD concentration of edibles may be a bit low compared with other CBD products.

Well, the CBD dosage may not be very clear. Still, it mostly depends on several factors such as body weight, nature of sleeping troubles, body chemistry, and sometimes, other medication that you’re taking. When it comes to CBD, one man’s meat may be another man’s poison. In other words, CBD may not work the same way for some people as it does in others.

Based on a wide variety of clinical trials, the CBD dosage varies between 25 mg and 1500 mg daily. Ideally, you should start with a low dosage and increase gradually depending on the desired effects. Please note that you should not expect an immediate change when you start taking CBD.

A 2019 study indicated that it might take to the excess of 30 days for CBD consumers to notice any change. As a result, patience becomes a virtue, that is, if you want to experience the benefits of CBD, you will have to wait.


Many people that want to try out CBD will have reservations as to its safety, considering the historical stigma associated with marijuana. The good news is that a 2017 review concluded that CBD is relatively safe for most people.

You may experience some few side effects such as changes in weight and appetite, but CBD is quite safe for consumption. Still, you should always be careful where you get your CBD because the industry is unregulated.

Research the history of the specific CBD company that you intend to buy your CBD products. Do they have a history of mislabelling, what do the majority of their customers say? Do they have third-party testing of their CBD products?

Lastly, it is always important to talk to your doctor before you start on a CBD regimen. Tell them about your current medications and any underlying conditions. Some evidence indicates that CBD may have the same effect as grape juice on some medicines, especially the blood thinners. Let your doctor explore the root cause of your insomnia so that you can get better help even as you consume CBD.


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